How to hold child’s head up in car seat

As parents we’ve all seen it, right? Whenever your kid falls asleep in the car, his head flops forward. It looks so uncomfortable. And there are safety issues too.

According to About Kids Health, sometimes when children sleep in an awkward position for too long, it can put some strain on their neck muscles. But for otherwise healthy children who have full neck control, explained Car Seats For The Littles, your child’s neck slumping forward in the car seat looks more painful than it really is, and it’s important to note whether or not the position is causing any pain for your child.


Sleeping in the car can be really uncomfortable but sometimes kids can’t help but succumb to exhaustion and the motion.

One of the best solutions to help these older children stay properly positioned in their RideSafer or booster or seat belt is to pull over and switch the seat belt over to automatic locking mode by pulling the shoulder belt all the way out, then letting it back into the seat belt retractor. (You should hear a ratcheting sound and the belt will stay locked instead of having slack in it.)

Most kids don’t want to ride like this all the time, but when sleeping, it will keep the child upright.


There are some products out there to help keep the child in position as well:

The first thing you can do to try to eliminate the forward slump is to look for a car seat that has a reclining feature. Many convertible car seats, explained the National Child Passenger Safety Board, are safe in a forward-facing, semi-reclined position, as well as fully upright. You shouldn’t try reclining the car seat unless it has the built-in recline feature, noted The Car Seat Lady, who further suggested that the upright position is still the safest for a forward facing child.

Chicco NextFit Zip – Best Reclining Toddler Car Seat

Once you try NextFit’s Recline Sure 9-position leveling system your child will thank you. Another helpful tool: the Two Ride Right bubble levels that indicate the correct seat angle in both the rear- and forward-facing modes. Its steel frame is considered one of the safest on the market, and it’s durable enough to be passed down to multiple siblings. Parents especially love the Zip & Wash seat pad that can pop off and be thrown in the washing machine.

Safe 4 Ride Kids suggested that if the back seats of your vehicle recline, you can use that feature to reduce the amount of forward slumping. The website also suggested using an upright resting pillow made for children and car seats like Amiba Monsters, or using a safety travel vest like Ridesafer, which can offer extra head and neck support.

Amiba Monsters — These pillows were created by a 9-year-old and his mom to give support and something to hold while sleeping in the car. They are large pillows that rest on the lap and goes up to support the child’s head at the neck. They come in several colorful monster faces and shapes.

The RideSafer is a great travel car seat, secondary seat for carpools or use-everyday-for-every-ride legal child restraint for children starting at 3 years old and 30 pounds.

Whether you’re seeking a better alternative to the traditional booster seat or a more portable option to the forward-facing, 5-point harness, the certified RideSafer wearable car seat vest offers:

A unique, 3-clip design that positions the car’s seat belt comfortably and correctly with optional tether for consistent sitting position and increased security.

Increased safety and comfort by allowing the child sit further back and lower on the more comfortable vehicle seat.

Lightweight and easy portability, which is great when traveling with kids.

A convenient option to switching car seats for carpools or multiple cars.

A cooler, less “baby-ish” alternative to traditional boosters for older kids.